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I recently took part in an essential oils workshop and wanted to create a quick post covering what I learnt about essential oils that I was previously unaware of. The majority of the points relate to very high quality oils, so remember to always do your research from a reliable source when it comes to purchasing good products, and know that good products won't always come cheap. I will leave useful product links at the end of this post!

  1. Shockingly many products can be classed as an 'essential oil' whilst containing only 3% of that actual oil (hence the need for researching what you buy)! 
  2. Using essential oils (EO's) in a burner isn't as effective for aromatherapy as a diffuser, because a burner does exactly as it says, burning off the oil and its helpful properties in the process
  3. Good quality oils can be used for a lot more than aromatherapy, such as making beauty, skincare and cleaning products, warding off insects, being used topically and they can even be used in food & drink (depending on the oil quality of course, please don't ingest oils unless they are 100% pure and you know the correct dosage!) 
  4. If you want to mix an EO to use topically then coconut oil is one of the best things to use as a carrier oil and it's also great for oil pulling; you can even add a drop of your favourite essential oil into your pulling routine 
  5. 100% naturally sourced oils absorb much more quickly into the blood stream and have a highly detoxing effect 
  6. However, because of this you mustn't put a natural oil into plastic containers of any kind as the oil will mimic this detoxing effect and draw all the chemicals out of the plastic! 
  7. If you use a chemical based laundry detergent and dry your clothes on a radiator, this exposes you to a dose of chemical aromatherapy - there are alternate laundry solutions available where essential oils with disinfectant properties (such as tea tree or lemon) can be used with an EcoEgg or Soapnuts
  8. Scarily, not all EO's are rigorously tested and a common issue includes Cassia oil being passed off as Cinnamon oil due to the fact that their chemical structure is identical unless analysed further 
  9. Putting EO's onto your pulse points is a great way to get the most benefit out of your oil as it absorbs into your bloodstream for quicker effectiveness and it gives you aromatherapy on the go! 
  10. It's easy to get creative with EO's and they can be used for most things, but I cannot stress enough how important it is to heavily research the best oil for what you want and also the brand/company you're purchasing them from, especially if you plan on ingesting any of the oils!

So whether you're already into essential oils or new to them, I hope that this post was a useful and enjoyable read. I'm such a huge fan of using essential oils for a variety of things and they're also a great help in moving towards a more eco-friendly & chemical-free lifestyle; I want to keep learning and growing as much as I can whilst walking a more natural path. I hope I can follow up this post with some of my favourite essential oils and why, so keep your eyes peeled and let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to cover in the future! 

100% naturally sourced oils - DoTerra
Other great oils - Eco Aroma // Natural by Nature // Miaroma
Diffusers - Muji // Made By Zen // Amora Scent Hubs
For workshops and creative wellness - The Wonder Inn
Essential oil workshops by Gill - Facebook and Instagram: @essentialoilsliverpool

Is aromatherapy part of your life already or is it on your to-do list? Let me know in the comments!

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