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As soon as I'd decided I wanted to go cruelty-free my jumping off point was by immediately replacing my basic make-up products with CF ones as soon as I could. Before I'd learnt too much about CF and non-CF brands my first port of call was The Body Shop, especially since at the time they had a 3 for 2 offer on! Plus I've always experienced their staff to be really helpful, friendly and happy to spend their time with you helping to find what you need; perfect if you're very socially anxious like myself! So here are my picks that set me off on my cruelty-free journey.


Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

This is actually a fairly recent purchase and I've only used it a handful of times but I'm already in love with it. I've never really been one for the lure of BB creams, but I really wanted something to use on those days where I didn't want to put any make-up on but wanted to cover up any breakouts & blemishes in order to feel more confident. This product does that so perfectly, instantly covers redness and as a bonus the tea tree treats spots whilst you're wearing it! Plus the fact a little really does go a long way, the consistency doesn't dry out your skin or make it greasy and if the shade isn't perfect straight away just give it a a minute, it adjusts to your skin tone. I've also noticed that The Body Shop have recently changed all the packaging for their skincare products and I absolutely adore it. I can't be the only one who likes having products that not only do the job but also look good sitting around the house, right? I've honestly never before had a BB cream that covers so well & still looks natural (hence never purchasing one before) but I heard good things from Laura over at Life Beauty Lens so I decided to take the plunge and I'm very grateful that to her that I did! 

Moisture Foundation SPF15

As I've said before, I'm a big fan of the dewy look and think it's the best way to go for my skin. Naturally I wanted a moisturising liquid foundation that isn't too runny and ideally has sun protection; 3 big ticks for this product! Although I'm very pale, the very kind lady who helped me pick out my make-up products recommended that I go a shade up to add some colour to my face which was actually a great tip (as long as it still looks natural on you of course). Again with most of The Body Shop's products a little goes a long way, I bought their new foundation brush to apply this with which I think is a big help and I feel that this foundation keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day whilst still looking fresh and natural. 

Lightening Touch Concealer

Now from my experience and having previously been a big fan of it, I feel that this concealer is The Body Shop's version of YSL's Touche Éclat concealer, but with a better mechanism than the push button; winding definitely saves time and frustration. I feel it does everything that YSL's does for a fraction of the price. It conceals really well and also brightens at the same time, great for under eyes and getting a head start on highlighting the top of your cheekbones. There's not much else to say other than the fact this concealer does everything it claims to do and blends really well into your foundation.


Super Volume Mascara

I'm one of these people who doesn't really see the point in a mascara that doesn't completely voluminize your lashes although I've definitely calmed down in comparison to how I used to be (try about 4-5 coats of the thickest, clumpiest mascara I could find) and I'm much happier with a more natural yet enhanced look. What's great about this mascara is that I can achieve that in just one coat and for the time that saves me I'm very thankful. I would say that this mascara can take a little while to dry but the formula isn't particularly wet, and albeit it's not waterproof it doesn't budge that easily. One thing I do notice too is that it comes off really easily with make-up remover and doesn't drag out any lashes, usually I would always lose about 5-7 lashes on my make-up pad with other mascaras! 

Brow & Lash Gel

I cannot praise this highly enough! I was always a girl who wore waterproof mascara but I've grown out of this habit because the formulas were so tough that they were destroying my lashes. So naturally panic set in when I chose to buy the mascara above, which isn't waterproof. I'd seen good things about this gel and the reviews were great so I thought why not take the plunge. This for me personally is a holy grail product. The formula is absolutely incredible, one coat on my lashes and they don't flake or drip off (watery eyes happens all too often for me) and of course it does the same for my brows, keeps them in place all day with no touch ups needed! My only issue with this and other clear products I've had in my time is the fact that they don't stay clear for long after collecting mascara/brow pomade on the brush over time. If anyone has any tips to reduce this happening then please let me know! 

Skinny Thin Felt Eyeliner

Albeit I've not been wearing eyeliner much lately I still had to have one in for those times when I fancy going that extra mile with my make-up. There's not much to say about this other than the fact it does everything that I want it to, plus I find felt tip style eyeliners easier to use. It's really simple to control, the nib is nice and thin, the staying power is solid and doesn't budge with watery eyes. And it's super black in pigment which I adore! One of the best eyeliners I've used to date.


I think it's important to mention here that all of these lipsticks have great pigment, last for hours, aren't either too shiny or too matte and the formula isn't runny/drying at all. I chose to pick out three colours that I would be most likely to wear day-to-day; they're listed in order from left to right and I didn't see the point in swatching as the colours come out as you see them there. Also, how stunning is the packaging?!

Colour Crush Lipstick - 110 Coral Cutie

This was the first lipstick to start me on my coral coloured lips addiction. I was searching around the stand wondering what colours to buy and thought actually maybe I should be more adventurous, after all I'm not really a classic red lip kinda girl but my recent love for the colour orange is what sparked the purchase of this beautiful colour. There isn't much else to say other than it's a stunning shade that seems to work well with any look, but I do love pairing it with an orangey/gold smoky eye! 

Colour Crush Lipstick - 340 Berry Me

Another new favourite colour of mine along with coral is deep brown/purple tones on your lips. Maybe I'm eager for Autumn already but I really feel like this hue suits my skin tone much more than pinks and pillar box reds (which tend to make me look washed out). I absolutely love popping this on with a dark eyeshadow look, I think it compliments it perfectly; but it works just as well with only your brows done and a coat of mascara! 

Colour Crush Lipstick - 105 Coral Blush

I wouldn't really describe this as a true coral colour, its much more toned down than the other and I suppose I'd class it as a more neutral red if that makes sense? I feel like this colour is one that enhances your natural lip colour so as someone with naturally 'blush' lips this lipstick works great with a more natural/barely there make-up look. 

What are your basics & where are they from? Lets get nattering!

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