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Another month, another favourites post. This one isn't as long as last months post because a lot of my favourites are still the same. Hope you enjoy my short but sweet February faves!

L'oreal True Match Minerals Foundation in Golden Ivory

As I'm currently on a quest for healthier skin and using products which don't irritate I decided that despite worrying about coverage for my acne, I wanted to try a mineral foundation. I was sceptical having had no success in the past, but being a Helen Anderson fan and seeing this as her go-to foundation and the coverage it gave I decided to bite the bullet and purchase it.

At £14.99 I was pretty much praying that this was good, and I mean really good because to me that's a lot to pay for a foundation, especially if it doesn't do anything spectacular. Luckily my gamble paid off. Despite this being powder-based the coverage is fantastic, it conceals spots and dark circles phenomenally and isn't cakey nor does it dry your skin out. It's easy to apply, feels fresh and light and lasts throughout the day. Also as I'm very pale I have struggled greatly in the past to find foundations pale enough so I was worried this might be a tad orange, and although at first you can see orange pigment as it goes on, once blended into your skin it really does adapt to the correct skin tone match. On top of this it gives a really natural, almost 'glowy' look that makes a great base for the rest of your make-up; I've personally found that eyeshadow and blush seem to go on much better, last longer and look nicer. Finally, my skin seems to have reacted better to this than any other foundation in that it simply hasn't reacted. My acne/pores haven't become irritated and this foundation seems to help keep my skin calm. I honestly think that despite the cost this foundation is worth every penny and let's face it, no foundation is really cheap any more, so if you're looking for good coverage but with a mineral base that's much better for your skin I would highly recommend this. 

MUA Power Pout Lipstick in Irreplaceable

This was actually something my Mum picked up for me purely because it was pink and tonally I was changing up a lot of my make-up colours due to dyeing my hair lilac.

I love this colour lippy, its a bright pink but not too 'in your face', so it's great for day or night. The pigment is also really good, colour goes on in one go and its also quite balmy but not so much so that the lipstick smudges and moves everywhere like it has a mind of its own! Plus, despite the chubby pencil appearance it still winds up like a normal lipstick would. The thing I enjoy most about this lipstick (and I know this probably isn't everyone's cup of tea) is that when I first put it on I noticed that it's mint flavoured, so it smells and tastes great. I love the refreshing feel it gives and it helps make me feel better when re-applying after eating (especially if I don't have any mints to hand!). For me this is a really good value and unique product.

Boots Essentials Curling Tong & Brush Hair Styler

After getting my hair cut short I found that the other hair curlers I have weren't giving the effect or particular curl I was after. I didn't really want to splash out too much money on yet another hair curler and in my search for good value I came across this.

I was after bouncy, ringlet curls and this is exactly what it gives. Plus there's also a brush attachment so you can use this as a hot styler to add volume; this isn't something I've tried yet but I'm looking forward to doing so and judging by the curls it gives I'm imagining it does the job for volume too. There's only one heat setting but personally that doesn't bother me, its hot enough to get the job done but not damage your hair (make sure you're using heat protect product though!) and it heats up really fast. It's also simple to use, has a decent length cord which also swivels, so no tangled cord ever again! What I also like is that your hair doesn't trap or catch and tangle onto any other part of this curler, which has happened to me when using previous curlers despite how hard I tried to make sure it didn't happen. Want to know the best part? This curler and hot brush is just £9.99! Unbelievable. Quite honestly even if this broke within a couple of months I wouldn't even mind and I would still re-purchase. So for bouncy, gorgeous curls that keep their shape and an amazing value-for-money curler, I would definitely recommend this one from Boots!

Allura Tangle Attack

I came across this purely by chance having popped into Poundland for some cheap essentials (as you do). I always like to check out the jewellery and hair things because I've found some great bargains in the past and it paid off again. Wondering what these cute coloured things were I found on inspection that they were a Tangle Teezer dupe. Naturally for a quid I chucked one in my basket figuring it was worth a try since I'd not yet invested in the 'true brand'.

Quite honestly now I don't see the point in buying a branded one, as this does everything I want it to and seems to accomplish exactly what a Tangle Teezer claims to at a fraction of the cost (Paying for the brand you're looking at £10-12). Naturally they're not as aesthetically pleasing as Tangle Teezers but to me personally that doesn't matter, I'm more interested in value for money and the product doing what it's meant to. As you can tell I'm happy with this product as I bought another and there's also a blue colour available which I'm probably going to get. Personally I think this is a brilliant dupe and excellent value for money, it gets tangles out effortlessly with barely any pain or tugging on your hair and doesn't rip all your hair out. I also find that it can help to add volume and shine to your hair if you brush through using a zig-zag motion. Overall a fantastic product and excellent value for money!

Links: Helen Anderson's YT | L'oreal True Match Minerals Foundation | MUA Power Pout Lipstick | Boots Essentials Curling Tong | Allura @ Poundland

What products have you been loving this month? Have you tried any of these? I'd love to know!

Here's to a merry March!

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