Matalan 30 Years Celebration - My Top Picks Wishlist


Hey cats!

I got my new little Matalan brochure in the post yesterday because I'm a rewards card member (if you're not its well worth signing up for) and it's absolutely chock full of brill offers to celebrate 30 years of wonderful clothing! So I thought I'd pop together a little wishlist of the clothing and accessories I'm interested in and will most likely be adding to my wardrobe!

As you can probably tell, I'm a big fan of the boho vibe hence all of my picks having the hippie prints, shapes and style. I just feel that despite this being my personal preference it's still a great style to play around with, which can be dressed up or down, is easy to incorporate into any outfit and is really versatile whatever the summer weather brings. Plus I find that Matalan still manage to offer this style year round, which is great.

What's on your Spring/Summer wishlist? Let me know!
Here's to 30 years of great products!

*Not sponsored, just a big fan

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