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Hey cats!

Sorry for the radio silence; college and life in general took the wheel and blogging unfortunately had to take a backseat! Here's a little update, hope you enjoy!

The other week I went out for a nice little shopping day at Meadowhall Sheffield. It's been a long time since I've been properly shopping in 'high street' stores because as soon as silly season hit at the start of September with everyone going crazy for Christmas, I started to hibernate from shopping. I do it most years, because shopping is difficult any time in the year when you have social anxiety so naturally I'd rather avoid the busiest time of year! On the plus side, because I couldn't completely quell the urge to shop, I started majorly getting back into thrifting; having days going around all the charity shops locally and checking out vintage haunts such as Bygone Times. This was an eye-opener for me as I'd not done this in a long while, and at the time I was switching up my style because my tastes had changed, I got so many new essentials for the fraction of the price I would have paid on the high street. I also came across so many branded items that were practically new and were still so cheap, including Hobbs, Asos, BooHoo, Topshop and Per Una to name a few. Keeping up with this I've pretty much given myself a new wardrobe made up of mainly charity shop bargains and vintage pieces which haven't broken the bank. Now we're well out of Christmas and sale season I feel like I've found a healthy balance between the two, and always check charity shops first if I can, rather than immediately splashing out. I feel much more prepared for when the summer madness descends and I don't have to hit up many high street stores to find what I'm looking for.

Despite the occasional shopping trips I've mostly spent my college free time relaxing and keeping on top of my health, eating good food, seeing my friends/boyfriend, playing games and taking walks whenever the sun is out!

I hope you're all having a lovely 2015 so far and many apologies it's taken so long to post again!

Here's to balance and wellness!

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