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Blogging has been a slow process for me lately but I'm hoping once August hits I'll be in a much better place so that I can blog much more regularly and get some good content going that I enjoy writing and that hopefully others will enjoy too! (*Edit - As soon as August hit I got a migraine for a couple of days followed up by some sort of illness, boo hiss) I've not really got many favourites for July as I'm in creature-of-habit-mode (definitely a thing) and my favourite things haven't really altered from those that I've previously mentioned. My skins started to change though so I'm looking at new products which I imagine will shape my future favourites!

Image taken from thebodyshop.com
Hemp Hand Oil Treatment - The Body Shop

Yet another product that just turned up in my bedroom for me to try thanks to my Mum, I'm glad though. There isn't much to say about this other than that it's absolutely amazing! First of all I noticed that a little goes a long way, the cute little dropper helps you keep track and I use about 3 drops once or twice a day and that moisturises both hands fully. What's great is that it also doesn't actually feel oily at all and absorbs into skin super quickly leaving them silky smooth with no greasy residue left over. Another bonus is the smell, it is absolutely divine and to me, smells like a really expensive old-fashioned gent's perfume (for some reason this smell is both comforting and indulgent). Only thing I would say about the smell is that maybe don't use this right before you leave the house as it may interfere with the perfume you're wearing, that's why I tend to use it mostly at night before I go to bed. Lastly but possibly the best part about this product, it's totally cleared up the horrible, scaly and terribly itchy patch of eczema on the top of my hand that had been there for months and that even prescription creams couldn't shift! So if you're at your wits end with eczema or dry hands I would definitely recommend this!

Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream in Cotton Candy - Collection

I first saw this on Instagram and was like 'I have to try this' and I have no regrets. These lip creams are incredible and amazing value at just £2.99 each, I plan on eventually getting every colour available. They are definitely moisturising and glide on so smoothly, I find that you don't even need a lip liner to keep control of it and after a days wear it stays put and doesn't bleed. Plus, a little goes a long way, the colour is really well pigmented.What I like about them is they give a matte effect on your lips but leave them smooth and silky, so you can still smack your lips together and they don't stick or feel dry but remain perfect, matte and velvety. I've also found that the consistency helps to give a plumping effect, such a bonus! Last thing is it smells so tasty, like vanilla and cupcakes. I really like using this over the top of Collection's Colour Pout Lipstain in 'Kiss 2'; for me it sets a really nice base to put the lip cream on top!

Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit in Ultra Fair - Makeup Revolution

I saw this when having my usual browse of Makeup Rev products and saw this hoping all my hopes and prayers had been answered; finally a good quality, compact and budget contour, blush & highlight all in one! Being new to this whole contouring thing I figured this was the perfect place to start and my god it's bloody good. All the colours work perfectly for my milk bottle pale skin and the pigmentation of the colours is great. The blush is a nice and subtle tone, enough to give you a natural looking flush and the bronzer gives a neat looking contour that again looks completely natural. I have to say my favourite part is the highlight popped just on top of the cheeks, I've mainly started using just this and the bronzer because I love the way the highlight makes my cheeks look and its a much better highlight for me personally than any of the liquid ones that I've tried. A great place to start too if you're thinking of trying this new 'strobing' malarky. It also has a handy little mirror for on-the-go and is definitely handbag appropriate size-wise. Would definitely recommend this whether you're a beginner like me or a seasoned pro!

Image taken from Topshop.com
Troubadour Cape Fringe Cardigan - Topshop

This little beauty has surprised me. Upon first seeing it I dismissed it and left if on the sale rail, but for some reason when I went back and saw it the next week, it seemed like a completely different cardigan and I wanted to give it a try; had it been over a tenner I doubt I would have bought it. However, I'm so glad I did because since buying it I've worn it pretty much non-stop as it just seems to go with everything and is super comfy! It's fairly lightweight but substantial enough to keep the chill off (great for typical English Summertime) and it's perfect for adding a Navajo/Boho vibe to any outfit. Only downside I'd say is the lack of sleeves but it's going to make a great gilet over long sleeved tops in the Winter!

Products Mentioned: Hemp Hand Oil // Cream Puff Lip Cream // Colour Pout Lipstain // Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit // Cape Fringe Cardigan

What's been floating your boat this July? 
Here's to an awesome August!

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