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Hey cats!

I've let a lot of things drag me down and get the better of me lately so now I feel I need to focus on myself a lot more; knowing that self-care is not selfish, it's necessary for surviving. I wanted to jot down what is significant in my life right now and what I hope to achieve in the not-so-distant future. I realise that these things will take time and it's all about practicing patience/being mindful of my situation.

So this blog post is me sharing a few personal things that may seem predictable/obvious to many, but having a place where they are actually written down is a big help to me in gaining clarification and getting them out of my head into somewhere I can look back and reflect on them. Fingers crossed in a couple of months I can review this and see what I've achieved!

Where I'm At

  • Jobless & living with my parents 
  • Stuck in limbo with all my belongings, trying to sort through and get rid of as much as possible 
  • Passed my theory test but my anxiety is too bad for me to be able to take my driving test 
  • Out of shape with zero stamina & in very poor health (albeit a lot of this is out of my control) 
  • However, I don't completely hate the way my body looks considering everything 
  • On the road to replacing my products with cruelty-free/organic/vegan alternatives but not wanting to be wasteful with the products I already own 
  • Mentally exhausted & emotionally drained almost constantly 
  • On a college course that I used to enjoy but currently have no passion for & therefore I'm very demotivated/behind on work 
  • Hormones all over the place due to a bad experience with the contraceptive implant 
  • In a strong, happy and consistent relationship 
  • Taking steps to point my life in a different direction whilst keeping my options open

Where I Want To Be

  • Living with my boyfriend & secure in a part-time job 
  • Having a more minimal amount of 'stuff and things' clogging up my life 
  • Passing my driving test so that it's done and I don't have to retake anything 
  • Maybe joining a gym or keeing up a fitness regime of some kind, eating well and doing what is in my control to improve/maintain my health 
  • Loving the way my body looks 
  • Living a mainly cruelty-free, organic, sustainable & eco-friendly lifestyle that works for me 
  • In a better mental state, either by helping myself out or finding counselling again 
  • Seeking help at college to assist in gaining my passion again & get back on track with work 
  • Getting the implant out and being on contraception that works for me 
  • Still in a strong, happy and consistent relationship that continues to grow as we live together and build our own family/life together 
  • Living each day in the moment, finding balance, being happy and helping others 
Are you happy where you are or have you got goals you'd like to achieve?

Stay curious

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