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Another review post for you here, not something I do all that often but I like to share appreciation for the things I enjoy so here I am again. Busaba is a modern Thai restaurant and their ethos is based on traditional Buddhist values that aim to draw you away from the chaos of life that distracts you, aiming instead for you to focus on the here & now, to enjoy each moment and create your own happiness. My partner and I are there fairly regularly, so I thought I'd share why I enjoy it so much!

The Atmosphere

For me personally the ambience of a restaurant is one of the 3 biggest contributors to the overall experience. I believe eating is hugely sensory and every sensation should be taken into account. When I walk into Busaba I always feel instantly transported elsewhere with the smell of fresh yet slightly heady incense filling the air and calm music humming in the background. The downstairs area is very open, light & airy; as you climb upwards in the restaurant the light dims slightly and seems cosier but no less sleek. On the top floor the restrooms are corridors of separate cubicle rooms and a shared sink area, it always makes me feel like I'm on holiday somewhere very luxurious. The whole place is so perfectly themed to an oriental style whilst remaining effortlessly modern and tasteful. Also as a bonus I find the chairs really comfy to sit in!

Part of Restaurant (upstairs) & Restroom Sink Area

The Food

Naturally the main component to a good experience is sensational food and I definitely can't fault Busaba on theirs. Every little detail is taken care of, right down to the beautiful presentation of the food served on gorgeous crockery and the tea served on cute wooden blocks. I almost feel bad for tucking into my food because it always looks so beautiful, but I soon forget once I'm whisked away into taste heaven! Now call me a creature of habit but I do order exactly the same things every time I go to Busaba but hey, I know what I like and change scares me! Plus the dishes I have are divine, I love them and they're all I ever want when I go. 

Also keeping it real here I feel it's important to mention that their food doesn't give me indigestion nor does it make me feel too stuffed or bloated which isn't an easy thing to achieve for me personally, so that's definitely a bonus!

Starters: Por-Pia Jay (veggie spring rolls) & Chicken Satay w/ Peanut Sauce
I absolutely adore any kind of spring roll and these are certainly no exception, they're absolutely packed full of veggies, they're super crispy and the sticky, slightly sweet chilli dipping sauce they're served with is beyond tasty; a flavour match made in heaven! I also had my fair share of my boys peanut sauce, one little dip and the next thing I know I'm addicted.

Onto the main, I always have the Mushroom Railway Rice and the 3 main reasons I do are the same reasons I ever tried it in the first place: I love mushrooms, I love rice, I love every other vegetable in it! I wouldn't call the flavour either heavy or light, but it's certainly a moreish one. The way the egg breaks and is crispy on the outside but soft with a very runny yolk on the inside compliments the dish perfectly, as do all the shredded vegetables in it. Honestly I think you can taste every component separately but they mesh together perfectly. I feel like the history behind this dish makes it one of the most Thai things on the menu but it's flavours are possibly the least Thai tasting (if that makes sense). I guess what I'm saying is that if you're shy about things that are too strong in oriental flavour then you needn't be scared of this dish.

My boyfriend had the Pad Thai Chicken and obviously I can't go into detail about how it tasted because it wasn't my dish but he did say that he thoroughly enjoyed it, it was very fresh, the chicken was juicy and tender, the noodles weren't too soft or hard and "it just tasted really good". This is also coming from a man who rarely compliments anything, especially food!

Recommendations? Our other picks would definitely have to be the Songkhla Beef Curry, the Northern Thai Laksa (mmm so tasty), the Sweet Potato Fries & the Matchstick Chicken.

If you are going for the first time the Lunch Menu is perfect to get started on and the lemongrass tea with honey is absolutely gorgeous! It's so mild and comforting, we now have lemongrass tea for at home too.

Menu & Pad Thai Chicken
Mushroom Railway Fried Rice w/ Egg

The Service

One of the best things about Busaba is the service and the lovely staff. What with having my fair share of anxiety issues I do find it hard to go to a lot of places and feel comfortable but I rarely have this problem when going to Busaba (bar one issue which was resolved very quickly and professionally), I feel like the staff give really genuine smiles, they're always happy to help and nothing ever seems too much trouble. The food arrives quickly, staff always check back to make sure your food is okay and if you need anything else but without overly hassling you or hovering around your table; this instantly make me feel more at ease and I'm thankful for that.

Lemongrass Tea, isn't it cute!
Overall, I love the experiences I have at Busaba, I always enjoy myself and leave feeling really chilled out and content with a very full and happy tum! I guess their ethos really does translate through every part of the experience they've created and I do find myself focusing on living in the moment; it's like my visits there are a form of meditation and a break from the hustle and bustle of Manchester town centre. Whether you're into oriental flavours or you fancy trying something new I really couldn't recommend Busaba enough!

Have you ever tried Busaba for yourself and if not do you think you would? I'd love to know your thoughts!

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