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So here we are in Autumn and the last thing I thought I'd be doing is writing an Autumn themed post or be feeling even remotely excited for Autumn. There is reason for my usual pessimism at this time of year as I suffer from depression & anxiety, so the lack of light makes these much worse, plus my birthday is in December and I hardly relish the thought of being another year older!

Having said that I'm trying more to enjoy each day and give myself things to look forward to, yes it's a basic distraction technique but it's about time I stopped wallowing and started planning! It has to be said that the on/off warm weather has helped me slip into September with ease, and to now be surrounded with Autumnal decor/Halloween tat, well, I'm in heaven. The idea for this post was sparked when Eventbrite got in touch asking if I'd share my favourite Autumn pastimes on here, and knowing that my Dad has used them countless times for attending events, I figured why not get into the 'Fall' spirit! 

It's a new season so that means it's time to reaffirm my goals and as my blog can also act as a little to-do list, here are the things I want to achieve this Autumn, as well as a few event picks I hope to get myself to!

Fall Goals

  • Try a pumpkin spice latte for the first time
  • Go have a carvery - I do love a roast dinner!
  • Get back into having driving lessons 
  • Get up-to-date at college
  • Have a wardrobe clear out before buying Winter clothes
  • Set more time aside for painting - promote your creativity!
  • Just order the camera you've been eyeing up
  • Join a gym & actually go
  • Take time to learn more about crystals
  • Stop being scared and go for that reiki training!
  • Start reading again, even if it's only magazines
  • Eat at a Caribbean restaurant

Upcoming Events/Places I Want To Check Out

Manchester Museum
Since being a child I've always adored museums of any kind, anywhere with hands-on learning and I was there! This museum is wonderful from the get go, full to the brim with all things dinosaur & Egyptian (always winners for me), and if that wasn't enough it also runs a great selection of events and displays which I love to check out. There was a Charles Darwin exhibition a couple of years back which totally won my heart!

Manchester Art Gallery

This is one of my favourite places to go in and take a breather from the hustle & bustle of the town centre. I find it such a relaxing atmosphere, the café has lovely food and I just think it's nice to soak up some culture once in a while.

Halloween In Manchester

It's no secret that I love Halloween and always have, there's something afoot in Manchester and I'm excited to know what it is!

Cheshire Outdoors

This is located right next to one of my favourite places to go (Blakemere Village) and I've forever been eyeing up all the people having a fantastic time playing mini golf or taking part in the segway course. I'd love to try my hand at some archery and maybe even take the Nature Trail, something I haven't done properly since a Primary School trip!

Cheshire Falconry

This is more of a hope to treat myself or receive this as a birthday/Christmas present, but I would absolutely love to take part in the 'Meet the Birds' experience, I love owls and I'd be so interested in seeing the other birds fly, as well as getting to be a part of it.

The Wonder Inn 

This is health & wellness centre with an organic, vegan café that runs tonnes of regular and pop-up events such a music nights, yoga and holistic retreats. I've attended a couple of wonderful events in the past and would love to experience more.

EventBrite Events that I have my eye on:

You can also help to support local event creation here, there's tonnes of both free and priced events & 
workshops to nosey at, as well as blogger specific events!

What are your favourite things to do in Autumn? Let me know in the comments!

Stay curious

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*Just an FYI, I didn't receive anything in exchange for this post, I liked the idea and was happy to incorporate it.

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