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You may have seen lately that there's been a bit of a boom on the alternate therapy side of things; a big part of the hype has been around Himalayan salt lamps and all the benefits of having one so naturally I wanted to test this out, especially since I've been eyeing up one of these bad boys for a while! At first I thought they were just decorative pieces but when I found out there's more to them than meets the eye I was very surprised and intrigued...

So, what's the big deal?

Well the idea behind them is that the salt helps to create negative ions which balance out the positive ions (which aren't all that positive) created mainly by electrical devices such as phones, computers, TVs, washers and microwaves; but also by substances like tobacco smoke. A build up of positive ions is meant to degrade the quality of the air around us, which in turn leads to poor physical and emotional wellbeing. The crystals themselves help to purify the air and produce negative ions regardless, however their effectiveness is greatly increased when heated, hence why so many salt rocks have been made into lamps and tea light holders! There are also numerous medical benefits that come from owning a salt lamp including but not limited to:

  • Reducing allergies 
  • Reduction in blood diseases 
  • Eases rheumatism 
  • Alleviates respiratory issues 
  • Colour (or chromo) therapy 
  • Soothes neuroticism/insomnia 
  • Increases energy levels 
  • Increases serotonin levels 
  • Improves quality of sleep 
  • Minimises spread of germs from one person to another within the home

Where's it from?

Now that these have become popular they're quite easily accessible from most alternative/health shops. I chose to buy mine from an independent business purely because the owners knowledge was brilliant, the lamps were very decently priced (mine cost £36) and I like to support local businesses over larger shops any time I can.

Where have I put mine?

The lamp is in my study on the windowsill right next to my desk. I figured this was the best place for it since it's where I spend a lot of my time and where I'm most exposed to electrical smog from my phone and laptop. Salt lamps are also a great addition for introducing Feng Shui into your home.

My current standpoint?

I do believe in the science behind it having researched around this as well as seeing documentaries about salt mining, how healthy the miners actually were and how they were found to rarely suffer from respiratory system diseases. However, the other part of me wonders if these lamps simply create a placebo effect in a mind over matter way. I'm mainly curious to see what happens either way and feel there is benefit behind each outcome.

Trying it out!

For the past 3-4 weeks I've had the dregs of a chest infection hanging on to me and causing me to cough like a 60-a-day chain smoker, but I figured this situation is a great way to see if the salt lamp can do any good. But then, the twist! Within a few hours of being home I can feel my body turning: one nostril is completely blocked, my face has puffed up into chipmunk mode, my body aches, my constant tiredness and snarky attitude from that day starts to make sense...I'm getting another cold. The universe must be testing me. But this is an even more perfect way to see how the salt lamp affects me, if at all! The conditions couldn't be more perfect.

Day 0
8pm-12am: I feel psychologically better knowing it's there, its warm glow radiating over me. I feel calmer, less worried, and hopeful that it will ease this illness. Plus it looks bloody good on my windowsill.

Day 1
5pm: Resisted the urge to turn the lamp on until now when I started to feel really exhausted and low. I feel better for having put it on but I'm worried that I'm creating the placebo effect I mentioned earlier. Having said that, is it really that bad of a thing to happen? As far as I'm concerned all I want is to feel better, whether it be because of my own mind or because of negative ions!
11pm: I feel no better but the cold hasn't worsened, which is definitely unusual and I don't feel nearly as sluggish as I usually would at this time. Peculiar.
12am: The lamp produces such a lovely warm light, I still maintain it's really soothing, and it's also really tactile if you run your hand over the salt rock. I'm considering buying a tea-light holder version and another lamp to have on my bedside table.
12.30am: I've just realised I've been coughing much less

Day 2
9-12pm: Lamps on, I feel strangely energised and I slept really well last night, I have no idea if that's to do with the lamp but I'm happy about it either way.
I get all I need to do done and in plenty of time, efficiency isn't usually my thing but my head feels a lot clearer and again the cold hasn't worsened.
I'm now leaving to stay at my boyfriend's house for two days, lampless! It will be interesting to see if my condition changes.

Day 3 & 4
I thought there wouldn't be any real change but my heads been foggier, I'm demotivated, coughing much more, a lot more bunged up, tired and headache-y. I had to get out into the fresh air to feel better.

Day 5
11pm: Back to my lamp, feeling better already, heads feeling clearer and my nose is less stuffy!

Day 6
10.30am: Getting in some morning 'sun' with my lamp, the calming effect over anything else is one of the best things about it. The light it creates is just so ambient. My cold seems to be receding and I slept well last night.
2pm: Felt motivated enough to get a little bit of essay work done and feeling better/less fuzzy by the hour. This lamp is a winner for me!

One Month On - Final Thoughts!

Overall I'm really happy with my purchase, whether you believe in the 'science' behind it or not and the potential for health benefits doesn't float your boat, this still makes an incredible decorative piece! I have mine on every evening emitting it's gorgeous orange glow and I feel better in myself, I cough rarely nowadays, I have more restful sleep and I just adore everything about it. If you're strapped for cash - beyond the cheaper alternate of the tea light holders - an easy way to eradicate a few positive ions is to open a window and air out your house. Obviously this isn't ideal in the Winter months but hey, free fresh air negative ions! 

Let me know if you're considering a salt lamp or if you've already got one and how you like yours!

Stay curious

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