My Dreadlock Diary #3 - The First Two Weeks!


Hey cats!

Here's the next instalment of my Dread Diaries and how I found my first two weeks, up until the point of washing...

First Day Thoughts 

  • The length is a shock after having longer hair but I like it & I'm happy to have shorter hair again 
  • Being sideshow bob is annoying as hell and isn't my most attractive look 
  • But they were comfy to sleep on; felt just like my normal hair which surprised me! 
  • I forget they're there unless I pass a mirror, for some reason my hair feels weightless at the moment 
  • Slightly worried about upkeep, doing everything right & the general responsibility, the thought is a little overwhelming 
  • Brain is panicking over the change and commitment, one of my most common fears 
  • I need to cut my fringe 
  • Switching between love and hate, wondering what I've gotten myself into 
  • Almost missing my old hair & only remembering the good stuff not the fact I have hated my hair for about 10 years 
  • Not washing them for 2 weeks is going to suck 
  • This is going to test my patience, I can't wait for them to settle

The Next Few Days...

So now that I've gotten a few days under my belt my hair has settled a lot more (I love it) and so have I; I've even had quite a lot of compliments on it both from people I know - my boyfriend likes it and thinks it suits me - and complete strangers. I do feel quite paranoid at the moment being out as I get stared at A LOT which makes me anxious and uncomfortable but it's another personal hurdle that I think this hair can help me to overcome, I'm tired of being judged and shouldn't give a hoot what others think. As much as it shames me to say this I've been surprised at how accepting a lot of people have been with it considering it's not all that common a hairstyle, what's even more surprising is that many people don't always click on that it's my real hair that's dreaded! Now I'm on day 6 of no washing and it's itchy, warm & irritating but that's to be expected and I won't give in.

Onto The Second Week!

We're well into the second week now and I've adjusted very quickly, so much so that I'm astounded at myself with how much more comfortable I am being out & about however I have always been with someone and haven't yet ventured out alone. I forget that my hair isn't the 'norm' until I clock people staring at me! What helps is that I've been complimented whilst out and told it suits me, one person even came up to me and struck up a conversation about it which was so humbling and my anxiety took a back seat which was refreshing. I've not yet had any negative comments or heckles, most it's ever been is a few funny looks.

Holy hell I just want to wash my hair though, my head feels constantly sweaty and I'm even fantasising about standing in the shower as well as having dreams about washing my hair! What's stopping me is the fear of washing it wrongly/washing the dreads out, I'm excited but terrified for the day I can wash my hair again. I have a tonne of dandruff, which is to be expected but residue-free, anti-dandruff shampoo has been bought (CF of course) and is ready to get at me. I have to say the best thing so far is that I'm not longer fearful of the weathers effect on my hair, come at me wind and rain, you can't hurt me now! 

Summing up I'd say you definitely require determination and an amount of stubbornness for having dreads, of which I have endless supplies. Naturally a few loose hairs have made an appearance and I've been looking up how to do maintenance myself but I'm not incredibly confident or skilled with it so I'm booking myself in with Laurelle down the line to get it done properly! I love my little dread babies, I feel like I've got such a change going on in my life right now that stems way further than my fuzzy noodle head and I welcome it; my dreadies are settling more each day and yes they'll stick up after I've worn headphones or slept but it just makes me laugh, I feel like each dread has it's own personality and way of locking up. They're my lil beansprout babies, I adore them and can't wait to watch them grow and develop, I'm so happy with my choice and I feel like I've really put myself first for the first time in my life.

How do you think you would cope with unwashed hair for two weeks & stares from strangers most days? I'd love to know!

Stay curious

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