My Dreadlock Diary #4 - Their First Wash!



Doomsday is upon me. I'm so excited and also terrified. I've waited 2 weeks for this... who'd have thought washing your hair would become such a big deal?!

Love a bit of melodrama, any who on with the usual shenanigans! I'm going to cover how I washed them, what I used, how I dried them and also what my dreads were like afterwards. I hope you enjoy!

Getting Salty

So it's recommended for the first couple of washes in order to help the dreads settle & tighten that you just swish your dreads around in a sink full of warm water & two tablespoons of salt (I used sea salt) which I did, all went well and water has never felt so good. These past two weeks, being in the rain has been my FAVOURITE thing.

But because I was experiencing quite a significantly noticeable amount of dandruff AND I'm going to a wedding shindig this weekend I needed to also give them a proper wash with some anti-dandruff shampoo. Very naughty but I felt it very necessary. This is the part that filled me with fear, you could say I was dreading it. Puntastic. I'd had visions of standing in the shower with shampoo running down me and my dreads unravelling before my eyes. I'd come this far though and they'd passed the first test, I could do this right?

Shower Time

Standing in the shower was the best experience; I'd obviously showered throughout the two weeks but kept my head away from the water, so to actually be able to put my head under the shower was glorious. First hurdle down, now to face my fears. I lathered up the shampoo (anti-dandruff & cruelty-free of course) to give it a head start and massaged slowly but firmly just into my scalp, making sure not to get my nails all tangled at the roots. It felt so good. I rinsed that out thoroughly and then lathered up my coconut water shampoo (residue & CF) and simply ran it over my actual dreads. I didn't squeeze it into them or anything like that, just lightly covered the dreads then rinsed it all out and squeezed whilst rinsing to make sure every drop of shampoo was out. No conditioner needed.

Hair was now squeezed again and put into a hair turban just like normal; that soaked up quite a lot of the moisture, I then got a dry towel and wrapped them up again whilst I had my breakfast.

I'd survived and so had they.

They'd even settled a lot more, looked longer, some had tightened up and there's no more loose hair than there already was. Dandruff had been exchanged for clean, fresh smelling locks. Happy Pandora. 

I hope you're all having a wonderful day, sending out my positive vibes to you! 

Stay curious

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