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So today I wanted to share some of the easiest ways I like to be eco-friendly around the house; these may all seem really simple and some of you may even do these already, but if not then here are some really simple ways to give back to both the planet and yourself!

1. Switch to accessible, eco-friendly cleaning products (e.g Ecover, EcoEgg, Method)
WHY? - Products like these tend to have many less chemicals in them and a hell of a lot more natural ingredients which means they're not only better for the environment but they also safer for you to use! A lot of these products are also cruelty-free and suitable for veggies/vegans which is also another great way to give back.

2. Switch off at the plug when not in use
WHY? - That way you're not using up electricity unnecessarily, in turn you'll be saving yourself money on your electricity bill and call me paranoid, but I just feel its safer all round!

3. Buy recyclable/biodegradable products or even products that are already made from recycled materials
WHY? - I feel that this one really speaks for itself because naturally if you're buying plastic items for example, plastic doesn't degrade back into the earth and instead just clogs up landfill, whereas materials such as wood, metal, fabric and ceramic can all be recycled or destroyed in a less damaging way. I'm much more inclined these days to buy wooden or metal storage and utensils knowing that they do less damage and are much better to have around (if you cook with plastic implements the chemicals can seep into what you're cooking). I also love buying recycled products like toilet/kitchen roll because it's great to support products that are pro the environment!

4. Use your recycling bins to the fullest and recycle as much as possible!
WHY? - I'm sure by now we all get that recycling is good for the planet and here in the UK we have plenty of bins to allow us to do that! You can even buy biodegradable bags for your food waste so that it can go straight into the brown bin with no hassle. Even things like batteries can be taken into certain shops to be recycled (I know Wilko's have bins for this) and many charity shops with accept 'rag' bags full of old/unusable clothing and fabrics in order to be recycled! 

5. Go paperless
WHY? - I suppose this is a quite well known one and fairly self-explanatory, less paper used = less deforestation! Plus it saves companies a lot of money and reduces the use of ink cartridges which can contain nasty materials.

6. Reuse candle wax
WHY? - This may seem like a lot of effort to some, but when the wick on any tea-light candle dies out I like to scrape out the remaining wax and pop it into another half used tea-light. For the little bit of effort it takes, you're wasting so much less and getting more bang for your buck; I know typically tea-lights are cheap anyway, but why not make them last longer?

7. Be conscious of your water usage
WHY? - Now I'm by no means hating on baths and that sort of thing but in terms of using water I always think it's better to be careful with how much you use. If you're not the squeamish type you don't always have to flush the toilet after a wee (though morning ones aren't the nicest are they?) and instead of washing your hands after using the toilet you can always use antibacterial gel. Again, less water usage means a much lower bill for you.

8. Buy second hand/reuse products
WHY? - The current disposable lifestyle many of us fall victim to is far from good for the planet and is majorly jamming up landfill sites; extending the life of certain products helps to alleviate this pressure and minimises the growing consumerism culture. I don't know about you but I absolutely love visiting charity shops/antique halls, you can find some brilliant condition (often nearly new) items for much less money with a much less negative effect on our planet! Going one step further, upcycling is a great way of finding new uses for old things with just a bit of TLC.

9. Have plenty of house plants
WHY? - Another simple one but having lots of lovely plants helps produce more oxygen, purifies the air in your home and well, who doesn't love a cactus or succulent these days?!

10. Have plenty of throws/blankets and jumpers
WHY? - Bit of a silly one but the more you're wrapped up (charity shops sell great jumpers & throws for low prices) then the less you'll need to use the heating; thus reducing any harmful emissions, lessening fuel consumption and it's a brilliant money saver!

So there you have it! I know many of these may not float everyone's boat but if you find even one that you'd like to use day-to-day it will make such a positive impact on our planet, after all we only have the one. I also find these benefit your bank balance too and have actually saved me more money buying in an eco-friendly way than just purchasing willy nilly!

Did you find any of these helpful, are there any you do already? I'd love for you to share any tips in the comments!

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