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Hey cats!

Recently I've really been getting into the colour orange and just at the right time I saw these gorgeous pants in the H&M conscious collection and absolutely had to have them! I love the ethnic vibe mixed with a modern, geometric print and I feel the colours really compliment this pattern. Albeit I'm short (5ft to be exact), because these pants are high waisted I don't feel they visibly chop any length off of me, mind you I wouldn't care even if they did; I wear what I love regardless of whether it makes me look stumpy or not! This look naturally includes my ever faithful kimono and I think it's a versatile look to use day or night.

I felt like the striped tee, despite the slight off the shoulder look (which for some reason I find really sexy & glam) made this look more casual, especially when paired with my trusty Converse; I also love how effortlessly this kimono can fit into any look, it's the chameleon of my wardrobe!

These pants are unbelieveably comfortable, they float without clinging which is such a nice relief; there's also a cheeky front split up the legs which I think is a great twist on these classic style pants, although not necessarily ideal on a windy day (especially if you haven't shaved your legs, which I hadn't, whoops!) A simple pair of heels or chunky boots would dress this outfit up in an instant, or a baggy tee and a pair of Docs would make this as casual as a Sunday morning!

The thrifted necklace was my alternate choice for this outfit
Top: Primark
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Converse 

How would you have styled these pants? And what takes an outfit from day to night for you? Let me know in the comments!

Stay curious

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