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As most of you know I blog purely as a hobby, so you can imagine my surprise when a company called CaseApp got in touch asking if I'd like to work with them and review a custom phone case/laptop skin; so naturally I jumped at the chance. I'd recently been on the lookout for something to jazz up my laptop but kept coming up empty, so this was perfect timing!

Designing My Skin

As I said I'd been on the hunt for stickers/decals for my Macbook 13 and never found anything that suited me, so when CaseApp got in touch I knew straight away I'd be ordering a laptop skin rather than a phone case. You get started by choosing which model you want your skin (or phone case) for and there's a huge range of model sizes available. Once you've selected your size you're taken to a simple designing screen, with a blank laptop template in the middle and a design menu down the side. You can upload whatever you like - including photographs - and I got started by uploading a picture I'd taken and edited of my favourite piece of wallpaper, as I wanted a wood effect background. After this I decided to see what CaseApp had on offer in terms of clip art and I was spoilt for choice! 

There were tonnes of great images, texts and quotes so I set off on my hunt for something plant themed; there were a couple of different cacti clip arts but I was taken with these lovely ones all in a row yet as one single piece of clip art! I was pretty happy with my design at that point but curiosity got me scrolling through the quotes to see if there was anything that wasn't too cliché, when 'just be' caught my eye. As a fan of mindfulness and trying my best to live in the moment, these two simple words really resonated with me and I figured they'd serve as a great reminder to stop and relax when things are getting a bit much. And there we have it, I was happy with my design!
My design process from left to right. I had in my mind that I wanted to create something with a natural & simplistic vibe, I think I nailed it!
I was impressed with how simple the design process was and it's well executed; when I was testing out my design originally the image I used didn't have a great resolution and when I popped it onto the template their website told me that it was a poor quality image and wouldn't print well. 

The checkout process was another huge thumbs up from me, it didn't hassle me to sign up for an account, it even saves your design if you close your tab and you simply enter all your details on one page then bam, your order is complete! So simple and so fast.

Delivery & First Impressions

The skin came pretty quickly even despite the fact that we were pipping into prime Christmas shopping time! It was neatly packaged and protected, arriving in perfect condition; I was immediately impressed with the quality and feel of the skin as I half expected it to be glossy (which would have been fine but not my preference) but instead it was a thick quality, slightly textured, matte material that looked like it would withstand my clumsy nature! Despite the slight texture the image is flawless, I really feel like the skin won't scratch easily and definitely won't show any fingerprints glinting away in the light. So far I was very impressed!

The Finished Product!

I am absolutely astounded first of all at how much of a match my design is to what I received, that is honestly such a plus point for me, as you can see the quality and colours are exactly the same, no editing! Putting the skin onto my laptop was also a breeze which surprised me as I was a little terrified and half-expecting a fight with a flimsy, bubble-filled sticker; no such thing happened, I simply lined it up with the apple in the centre, popped it down and smoothed it on. The skin gripped straight away, kept its form and there wasn't a single air bubble in sight,  I was genuinely shocked at how easily it went on! There's a slight border of my laptop around the edge but that doesn't bother me at all, I assume this is because the skin would naturally wrinkle if it was forced to curl around right to the edges of the laptop; I like the way it melds so seamlessly into the top of my Mac.

This skin has totally revamped my laptop whilst adding a stylish layer of protection, plus I can't help but feel slightly proud when I look at it because it's something I created myself from scratch.

Honestly I am so unbelievably grateful to be approached and offered such an opportunity simply because someone saw what they liked on a blog I run for a hobby, it's overwhelming, extremely humbling and it's definitely fuelled my passion for blogging even more. What I'm also thankful for is how patient, caring and understanding the team at CaseApp were throughout working on this project. I encountered a number of setbacks with my health, my college situation and also with postal thefts  in my area that stopped me from completing this post as quickly as I would have liked, yet throughout all of this they told me that my health was the priority and to just complete it when I got chance. They truly are a lovely bunch of people, pleasant at every turn and a privilege to work with. Don't forget to check out CaseApp here!

What design would you have gone for? Let's chat in the comments!

Stay curious

*I was kindly sent this item free of charge in exchange for a review. All thoughts & photos are my own.

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