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I'm finally getting round to covering more of my passions on this blog and oracle cards are a big one! Mindfulness as well as the more spiritual side of things is starting to get more recognition recently and there's been a bit of a boom around anything that promotes spiritual wellbeing; oracle cards are one of my favourite things to use in calming my rushing mind down. I'm going to cover my own thoughts on what oracle cards are, why I like to use them, how I use them and I'm also going to include an example reading that I did for myself!

What are oracle cards?

They're a deck of cards (anything from 44 cards upwards) that can be used for a variety of things, mainly spiritual guidance. Now this doesn't mean 'spirits' are going to pop out and be your Agony Aunt for as long as you need, the use of the word spiritual (to myself) simply means that it affects parts of you that aren't material or physical. 

Oracle cards are different to the more well-know Tarot cards in that there are none of the same rituals, connotations or purposes attached; oracle cards also tend to be mainly optimistic and serve the purpose of giving advice rather than trying to tell the future. They're also a damn sight easier to read than Tarot cards as they go off of finding your own definitions attributed to the cards you pick, you can't make mistakes because it's a process based on energy and vibrations so your gut instinct will lead you to the answers you seek, whether you realise it or not. For many this can seem similar to horoscopes where you draw your own meaning from what is written and apply that to any part of your life that seems fitting; oracle cards have the edge in that you can imagine questions whilst shuffling the cards and then be drawn to your own answer cards, so for me I find them much easier to get value and comfort from than horoscopes. 

Why I love them

The main reason I enjoy oracle cards is because they're so thought provoking and they're a brilliant mindfulness tool as they never fail to bring me right into the moment. The deck featured in this post are the first I ever owned and to this day they're my favourites, I love the simplicity of the cards messages and I adore the artwork; that's another reason I love oracle cards as there is such a brilliant variety of beautiful art featured on each deck.

They are much less pressure than tarot cards and anyone can use them as a multipurpose tool, you don't have to believe in magic or anything like that! A few great uses of oracle cards include:

  • Mindfulness
  • Taking time out to reflect
  • Anxiety and self-care
  • Finding comfort
  • Answering open questions that are on your mind
  • Finding cues/a focus for meditation
  • Clarifying goals
  • Using for self-development/personal exploration & growth
  • Making sense of the present

Who can use them?

Anyone! The fact that they can be used in any way to suit personal preference means they are perfect for anyone to give them a go; there are no right or wrong 'answers' or 'reflections' as it's all down to your own personal interpretation and whether there is significance/non-significance there for you in the cards you've drawn. Oracle cards are such a useful tool for self-development as well as mindfulness and I figure that however you use these, as long as you find it beneficial then that's all that really matters!

How to use:

These are instructions for how I typically use oracle cards but as I've mentioned they can be used in all sorts of ways, just play around to find what works for you!

Many like to 'bless' their cards before using in order to get them in touch with your own energy, especially if someone else has used them before you. The extent to which you do this can range from nothing to anything like a tarot card ritual. I find simply holding them against your heart for a few seconds whilst focusing on the cards seems to do the trick, you can also ask for them to help guide you but it's all down to what you feel is right! 

A quiet environment is usually best if you're wanting time to reflect but not essential, you can use them anywhere at anytime you need. It's recommended that you sit somewhere you can firmly plant your feet on the floor so that you're as grounded as possible, then taking 3 long, deep breaths before you start will help to clear your mind and get you focused on the cards. Now you can shuffle the cards or lay them face down on a table and 'swish' them about if you're not too great at shuffling.

Shuffle the cards for as long as you feel, they go off your energy so you've got to feel everything, you'll know when to stop. If cards 'jump' out regardless of whether you think its down to bad shuffling or not, it's still a significant card so set it face down to one side. This can happen multiple times, or you can shuffle with no jumps & simply pick as little or as many cards as you feel drawn to; lay them all out separately face down.

Turn over each card one by one, giving yourself time to take in the message and image you're seeing from each one before moving on to the next, try to reflect on this and search for any significance within yourself. There may not be any but taking time to think & reflect is invaluable and a great way to practice self-care. I think it's also a good way of getting in touch with your gut instinct and feelings especially if you're feeling unsure or confused. After you're done simply place the cards back in the deck and put them away.

My Reading

These are the cards I pulled/that jumped out when I was shuffling and I just briefly want to cover what they mean to me at this current time:

  1. 'Allow yourself time for moon gazing' - This really speaks to my self-care needs, just the other day I took a day out and did nothing but paint, watch documentaries and tackle bits & bobs of blogging stuff. And thats okay, it wasn't time wasted, it wasn't lazy of me, I saw a need for this time and I took it.
  2. 'Do something today that makes you smile' - I think this really echoes the previous card, blogging and painting always make me happy so maybe this is just trying to reinforce the fact I don't have to feel bad for looking after myself and doing things that I want to do.
  3. 'Stop resisting' - College pops into my head right away. I've had numerous difficulties arise from my second year onwards whether down to my poor health or college errors and I have no motivation to catch up on work I'm behind on. Now I guess I am dragging my heels and it's more I don't want to do it rather than I can't?
  4. 'Honour the Earth and yourself' - This heavily speaks to my goal this year of focusing on my health & wellbeing physically, mentally and spiritually. It's also tapping into my plans to be more eco-friendly again and to work towards a zero-waste, minimalist lifestyle.

I may do a follow up post on my collection of oracle cards and how each set helps me if that's something you'd fancy then let me know! In the meantime:

Find a simple free reading here
A good oracle card introduction can be found here
My top oracle card picks: Mermaids / Flowers / Enchanted Map
Find Soul & Spirit Mag here

Are you into mindfulness, if so what are your favourite tools? Lets get chatting in the comments!

Stay curious

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