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Here's a little look at what I recently treated myself to at Lush with my Christmas gift card and what I think of each product!

Tea Tree Toner Water:

This was one of the first products I ever bought from Lush nearly a year ago; yes I was a late bloomer to the Lush hype but I'm so glad I finally gave in! At the time, my skin had gotten really bad and I was sick of trying product after product, wasting my money on things that didn't work. I wanted to go natural, with a home remedy type vibe and Lush seemed like the perfect place to start, especially after seeing other bloggers rave about products being good for their sensitive skin. Naturally I wanted to start small so after looking through their products I decided this was the best thing to start with, and if it worked I could try more things. Needless to say it did work and I haven't looked back since.

Thoughts after use: A few spritzes on my face just before I went to bed was all I used the first time, and when I woke up in the morning I was truly amazed. My skin had gone from red, irritated and a constant depressant to calm, redness free and just one night! From then on in that's what I used it for and my skin has slowly improved (due to other factors also) and now I mostly like to spritz it on whenever I'm having a flare up or use it sprayed onto a cotton pad and wiped over my face and neck after I've removed my make-up with the Ultrabland Cleanser (or a baby wipe if I'm being lazy!) to remove any leftover make-up/freshen up my skin even more.

Pros: Spritz on whenever you need | Calms and soothes irritated skin | Great toner removes a lot of grime or remaining make-up | Refreshing | Great for acne/spot prone/sensitive skin | Not harsh on skin | Product lasts a fair while

Cons: There aren't really any for me!

Veganese Hair Conditioner:

I bought this a few months ago to treat my hair without weighing it down before I got synthetic dreads installed and I have to say it is a lovely conditioner, hence why I repurchased a bigger bottle and I'm featuring it here!

Thoughts after use: At first I wasn't sure about this conditioner as it is quite thin, but you actually don't need to use too much it just feels like you should. I massaged it in and washed it out, feeling neither here nor there. It was when it was nearly dry I noticed how wonderful and fresh my hair smelt, how shiny and smooth it was and just how healthy my hair looked. It really is just one of those products that surprises you and I'm really glad I tried it. I don't use it every single time I wash my hair, I try to eek it out and use it when I want soft, frizz-free hair or if I'm using heat to style (seems to hold better after using this conditioner). Would definitely recommend!

Pros: Vegan | Smells so fresh | Lightweight but still conditioning | Leaves hair really shiny and silky soft | Helps tackle tangles | Made my hair more defined after curling/crimping

Cons: A tad difficult to apply at first because of it's consistency

The Kiss Lip Scrub:

My lips have been inexplicably dry, cracked and flaky lately and as I was treating myself I figured it was time to invest in a Lush lip scrub. I got this one because in my opinion it smelt the best and looks so adorable!

Thoughts after use: I've become slightly addicted to using this since I got it, it feels like a treat every time. I just slightly tap my finger into the scrub a couple of times (its all you really need) and then apply using circle motions and then back and forth to cover all of my lips. I tend to then brush off any excess and apply any lip balm I have handy. It leaves me with really soft, smooth and great tasting lips. What I love even more about this is that it actually leaves a slight pink tint to my lips too! Overall a really good product that I can see lasting a long time even with me using it loads!

Pros: Smells yummy | Little edible sprinkles in it | Feels amazing | Makes your lips really smooth | Adds a little pink colour | A little goes a long way | Good value for money

Cons: Doesn't completely eradicate all flakes | Limited edition flavour | Can taste a little salty

Ultrabland Cleanser:

At the moment I don't actually own a full pot, as my skin is quite temperamental I wanted to get a sample first and see how my skin would react. But I had heard good things and after reading about it and talking to a very helpful member of staff I thought it was definitely worth a shot, and better to push myself towards a proper skin-care routine. Here's what I think so far.

Thoughts after use: First impressions of this are that I like the creamy texture but I really don't like the smell of this product. Having said that, the benefits of this far outweigh the issue with the smell (a smell that doesn't stay on your skin after washing, purely during application). I like to wet my face with warm water and then massage Ultrabland on in circular motions for about a minute or so to make sure the product fully covers my face and gets into all my pores. I then dampen a flannel with warm water and wipe over my skin until all product is gone, and then pat dry with a towel. After use my skin feels so clean and soft, and it really seems to lift dirt from pores; I also found that when I used it to take off waterproof make-up (same process just massage gently on and around your eyes) it got to work straight away and took it all off, no darkness or dregs left around my eyes and all trace of foundation gone! I was also told that this can be put on and left for a few minutes, then rinsed off just to calm skin down if you're having a flare up. So far I definitely think this is a product I am going to purchase because my skin feels great, it makes my complexion look really nice, it hasn't irritated my acne and it creates a great base for moisturising.

Pros: Gets off waterproof make-up | Thoroughly cleans | Soothes skin/doesn't irritate | Leaves skin really soft & smooth | Can be used purely to calm skin down | Great to use prior to moisturising

Cons: Personally not a fan of the smell

Parsley Porridge Soap:

After a lazy afternoon with coffee and the new Lush catalogue for company, I quickly decided after flicking through that I wanted to try this soap, as my last one (Bohemian) was nearing it's end and I fancied a change despite how much I did love Bohemian and would highly recommend it if your skin is sensitive or acne prone. What drew me to Parsley Porridge was that it had antibacterial properties and also gently exfoliates whilst calming your skin. After going in and asking a lovely member of staff if this would be good for acne prone skin below the neckline and her confirming it should be and that customers had said it helps clear up bacne (back acne) I decided this would be my replacement soap.

Thoughts after use: I was really excited to use this and rightly so! After wetting the soap it lathers up straight away and glides on your skin wonderfully, and it smells so fresh and clean! After rinsing and drying I noticed that there was no redness and my skin wasn't starting to flare up (which is unusual for me, even water alone can cause that). I felt really refreshed, my skin felt smooth and really clean with no residue left over. I've even noticed that after just one use, some spots have already cleared up! What I also liked was that despite liking the smell it doesn't stay on your skin, which personally for me is an added bonus. So far I am loving this soap and would definitely recommend if your skin is acne prone or very sensitive.

Pros: Smells fantastic | Lathers up well | Leaves you squeaky clean | Doesn't really leave a scent on your skin | Gently exfoliates | Leaves your skin smooth | Doesn't irritate skin | A little goes a long way

Cons: Strong smelling, best kept in a soap tin

Products mentioned: Tea Tree Water | Veganese Hair Conditioner | The Kiss Lip Scrub | Ultrabland Cleanser | Parsley Porridge Soap | Bohemian Soap

What are your Lush must-haves? And have you any thoughts on these products? Let me know in the comments!

Here's to feeling lush!

*These are just my personal opinions and experiences with these products,  I understand that everyone is different and won't react or feel the same way I do and I understand that my pros and cons might not be seen exactly that way by others. I just wanted to share my thoughts in the hope that this may help anyone who has been in the same situation as me finding products to help your skin or for anyone who was wanting to try something new.

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