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Hey cats!

I've not had a lot of time recently to commit to producing content good enough in my eyes to publish, so I wanted to create a neat little filler post! I figured what better way to do that than quickly show you what's in my handbag! After all, there's just something about knowing how other people tick and if it's in the same way as you do, isn't there? (or maybe that's just me). One of life's little curiosities, enjoy!

Currently I'm switching between these two handbags and they both epitomise what I usually look for when buying a handbag. What with being small and very paranoid I like secure bags, so over-the-shoulder straps on bags or backpacks with a 'scrunch-up' inside and a flap & clasp over the top are my preference. I also like to be prepared for any eventuality so I like a bag that isn't huge but that does have enough space inside to fit everything I want it to, including pockets and separate sections to keep everything organised.

Just like my handbag I'm most definitely a fan of a decent sized purse that's large enough to hold anything from coins to gift cards.

As I mentioned I like to keep things organised, so just in case a bag doesn't have any pockets I like to keep some of my essentials in a separate little purse. I love this vintage one I got from my Grandma, it's the perfect size, looks great, goes with any handbag I put it with and it's just a timeless piece. It also means a lot; its something I used to use when I played dress-up as a child, so to be using it now as an adult makes me nostalgic every time I see it.
Other things I like to carry are mainly beauty related and small enough to fit into pockets, which is great if I need to downsize my handbag to an evening bag. I also like to carry a small notebook and pen to jot down any ideas/thoughts/anything I need to remember; these handy little cuties (shown above, top right) are from 

Handbags: Ethnic bag from Peepul Tree | Backpack from Jane Shilton
Purse: Peepul Tree
Vintage clasp purse: Family antique
Essentials: TRESemme Freeze Hold mini hairspray | Blistex Lip Brilliance lip balm | Charles Worthington Takeaways on-the-go dry shampoo | Milton antibacterial hand gel | Dove Go Fresh mini deodorant | Avon compact mirror and brush | Kleenex Balsam tissues

What's your favourite type of handbag and what are your essentials to have at all times? Let me know in the comments!

Here's to handbags!

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